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Your Friendly Legal Environmentalists: ELSA Update

Kathleen Coulter

Welcome and welcome back future lawyers!  ELSA, your friendly legal environmentalists, are back too, bigger and better than ever! Last year, we brought you three things every law students needs: 1) easy money saved at the book sales in first and second term 2) hard hitting green theory with our speaker series and 3) exercise by supporting the Run for Wildlife.

This year, we’ve got a whole lot more in store for you. By the time this issue goes to print, fall book sales will be long over. We learned though from our expert research team that you needed your books faster. We listened! We’ve been there for you since the first day of class, buying and selling your books at the couches. And next semester? We’ll be there the first week as well.

After you’ve got your books and hit classes, you’re going to need to take a break. Get outside and enjoy the fall weather! We’ve got you covered. Come see some massive beasts on our annual hike at Elk Island.  It is chock full of bison, elk, deer, ‘yotes, and even the odd bear, plus we’ll get you there and back in a cool friend-making carpool.  If you’re new to the flat land, it is one of the best ways to get out and see what this beautiful area has to offer.

Interested in supporting a good cause? Perfect! We’re planning on planting some trees this fall – making up for all that printing we do in the library. Friends and family welcome. We’re also keeping our eyes open for another charitable run. And we’re always looking for a worthy cause that could use a charitable donation. What about something a little closer to the law school? We’re researching how to get you a brand-new, state-of-the-art water fountain. No more water bottles!

We’ll be continuing the speaker series this year again. We’re working with Cameron Jefferies, our new faculty advisor, to find new and exciting guest speakers to come in. In the past, we’ve hosted representatives from the Humane Society and the North Saskatchewan Riverkeepers. If you want to learn more about environmental issues from experts in the field, stay tuned.

Any of this sound appealing?  Get involved! You live in the epicenter of the environmental debate in Canada.  Join the club to bring your fresh perspective, push your ideas, light some (figurative) fires or just learn more about the world outside the city.  We are part of a nationwide network of environmental clubs that has the power to mobilize people and influence issues. You can be a part of the movement. Like us on Facebook (Environmental Law Students’ Association) or come to any of our meetings. We can’t wait to meet you!