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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS)

Michael Shepherd (3L) The University of Alberta’s Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) is excited to see what this year will bring. Last year marked the inaugural year for SELS, which welcomed its first seminar guest, big shot agent Ritch Winter.  The always controversial agent regaled starry-eyed students with a compelling and informative discourse on […]

Welcome to the LSA

Adeel S. Mulla (3L) On behalf of everyone in the Law Students’ Association, I am delighted to welcome all first year students, faculty, and my fellow returning students, to U of A Law. While most students purchased or renewed their annual LSA membership during Orientation Week, some of you may be wondering what is it […]

He Said, She Said; Avenue Pizza

He Said: Avenue Pizza will be missed! Faiz-Ali Virji (2L) I received some shocking news upon my return to law school: Avenue Pizza closed down. Now, if you are a 1L or anyone not in law school, you probably aren’t too concerned about that. But, for those of us who have had the privilege, nay, […]

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

Jeff O’Brien (4L) I completed my BA at UBC shortly before my 22nd birthday, and enrolled in law school in the fall of that year, 2010. At the time, I was jaded with education. I was a career student, and I decided that education was just a competition over who could write the most convincing […]

Welcome to U of A Law: A Message from the Dean

Philip Bryden, Dean of Law On behalf of the entire Faculty, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2013-14 academic year.  This year we are beginning our second century of legal education at the University of Alberta.  While we cannot promise the range of special events this year that we put on to celebrate […]

Budget Cuts Threaten U of A Law

Natasha Edgar (3L) This has been a rough year for education in Alberta. The provincial government announced deep cuts to the education budget in the spring – taking with it the University of Alberta and the faculty of law. In August, university President Indira Samaresekera announced that the university was $76 million short of its […]

How to Survive Your First Career Day

Sam Labahn (3L) First of all, don’t let the title sway you from attending this year’s career day. It is a great way to meet potential employers, learn about different areas of the law, and hear about the experiences of lawyers of varying seniority at the bar. So without further ado, here are some tips […]

Welcome to SLS!

Jordan Lefaivre (3L), Heidi Besuijen (3L) So you attended the Wine and Cheese and signed up for Student Legal Services (SLS).  Good stuff!  SLS is an awesome way to gain some practical experience.  It will provide some much needed context to your class studies. Remember though, that SLS is not just a way for you […]

Law Guy/ Law Girl : Meet the New 1Ls

Brett Lojczyc Rate your fear level (on a scale of 1 to 10) on Orientation Day and now after having a couple days of law school under your belt? On Orientation Day, 4.75/10. At RATT (during our Thirsty Thursday interview) and after some “social beverages”, 0.1/10 What was your favourite part about pre-orientation night? Meeting classmates […]

Lace Up, Ladies!

Heather Thompson (3L) Ladies! Time to dig out the long johns and buy a jill. It’s that time of the year – hockey season! And no, I’m not talking about sitting through endless conversations with your boyfriend about his fantasy team and how this is the year that the [insert perpetually disappointing NHL team here] […]