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What to Do to Lift Your Winter Blues

Andrew Dixon P.Y.T

Let’s face it. Winter is not awesome. Further to that, winter in Edmonton is especially not awesome. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the dark cold hinter-months while complaining about how much better the weather is in whatever coastal/Chinook based city you came from. This only serves to make the winter that much more difficult to manage because it stops you from exploring the opportunities for fun that this city offers. This is a shame because there is a lot to do! Here are a few of the options available for winter adventure at school and around Edmonton.

Skating at Hawrelak Park: Sure it’s cold. But do you know what that means? Ice! The kind of ice that you can skate and play hockey on. Skating at Hawrelak is free and it’s awesome. Skate rental is available, and there is a small cafeteria with hot chocolate and snacks.

Tobogganing : My favorite tobogganing spot is Gallagher Park, right behind the Muttart Conservatory. It’s a big fast hill that tries to murder you. I destroyed a $15 Canadian Tire sled there in epic fashion, so maybe bring a $20 one.

Ice on Whyte: January 25- February 3., just north of Whyte on Gateway Ave. It kicks off with the International Ice Carving Competition. Other events include skating, concerts, and an ice slide where children become bowling pins.

The Waterpark at the West Edmonton Mall: Want to beat the cold? Pretend you’re somewhere warm! The Waterpark is legit fun. There is a 3-story high slide where you start with an electronic launch system. Nails much?

Winefest Edmonton: February 15-16 at the Shaw Conference Centre. It’s an all-inclusive event where you get to taste and sample and pick the brains of wine experts and growers.

Movies: Cozy up in your favorite theatre! It’s always a good idea to head over to the Princess for a foreign flick, The Garneau for a solid dose cinematic irony, or South Commons to catch up on the Oscar nominees. Movies currently showing include one about torture, one about Lincoln (not the Vampire Hunter), and one about Quentin Tarantino.

Sports: Get your curling rocks off at the Brier from March 2-10. The Silver Skate Festival happens on February 15-18. Oh, and apparently something called “Hock-ey” is back.

Law Events: Hey! You’re in law school so you get to come to law events. So much is happening over the next few months. Ski Trip, Hockey Night in Law, Law Show (AKA the best law event), Carbolic (AKA the best law event after Law Show), Reading Week (I’m considering it an event) St Patrick’s Day, The Law Bonspiel, and Winter Exams (Wait, scratch that last one).

The Pub: If all else fails there’s always a place where everybody knows your name. Sugarbowl, Hudsons, Three Boars, The Garneau Pub: pick your flavour. For something different, try the Bothy down on Calgary Trail and 54th Ave where you’ll find a nice warming scotch and wine list.