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Monthly Archives: February 2013

What to Do to Lift Your Winter Blues

Andrew Dixon P.Y.T   Let’s face it. Winter is not awesome. Further to that, winter in Edmonton is especially not awesome. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the dark cold hinter-months while complaining about how much better the weather is in whatever coastal/Chinook based city you came from. This only […]

Dear Miss Chiff

Miss Chiff (0L) Disclaimer: Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, except when it’s blatantly intentional.   Dear Miss Chiff: Everyone at orientation day said that I would meet my best friends at law school but so far I haven’t found a group of people I really like to hang out with. – […]

1L Midterms: It’s All A Learning Curve.

Jacob Marchel (1L) Midterms have come and gone, and now we must go through the agonizing step that follows, waiting for and obsessively scrutinizing our marks. Without a doubt the pressures and competitive nature of law school make 1L midterms a mind-numbing Lovecraftian hellish landscape that should only be reserved for traitors, murderers, and anyone […]

Meet a Professor: Gail Henderson

Name: Gail Henderson Hometown: Brockville, Ontario Undergrad Degree: Ethics, Society and Law Welcome to the University of Alberta! How have your first few months been? They’ve been great. All these years I thought my friends from the Prairies were just whining about the “damp cold” in Ontario, but it’s true – it’s way worse! What […]