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Monthly Archives: January 2013

He Said – She Said: Facebook Vacations

He Said: Don’t Give Up on Facebook John Regush (2L) Everyone has their favourite study strategies: breaking open a new pack of Post-Its, getting an extra shot of espresso in your latte, or changing up study spaces. While most of these activities are relatively inoffensive, the increasingly popular practice among law students of deactivating their […]

How to Fight Stress During Law School Exams

Andrew Dixon M.D.* Exam periods can be particularly tough times for law students. There’s a lot riding on exams: marks, career opportunities, personal fulfillment, marriage potential, and, ultimately, any chance you will ever have at happiness. Here is a list of methods that experts claim help fight stress. Let me say with out any exaggeration: […]

Environmental Law Twitter Moot

Samuel Harrison (1L) & Pippa Feinstein (3L) No, it’s not a game of “legal oxymoron”, it’s a reference to the Supreme Twitter Court of Canada (STCC). We’ve all gotten the ribbing from family and friends, “you lawyers you must get paid by the word!” Now there’s at least half a retort: “Well, maybe… but not […]

He Said – She Said: Movember

He Said: Savour the ‘Stache Ronald Storms (3L) Men who sprout a moustache outside of November are vilified and persecuted. The butt of countless jokes, they are placed in the same category as drivers of windowless white vans and convicts. For fun, I once shaved my beard into a nicely groomed handlebar moustache. The fear […]

Meet a Professor: Peter Sankoff

  Peter Sankoff Hometown: Montreal Undergrad Degree: Broadcast Journalism, which, believe it or not, was instrumental both to my getting into law school and becoming a Professor. The Professor part should be obvious, as the degree provided lots of opportunities to speak in public. Many don’t see the link to law school, however. Well, I […]

The Honourable Mr. Justice Richard Wagner’s Appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada

Cameron Jefferies The Hon. Mr. Justice Richard Wagner was appointed as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada by the Governor General on October 5, 2012 after having been nominated by Prime Minister Harper three days previous. Justice Wagner replaces the Hon. Madam Justice Marie Deschamps, who recently resigned from the Supreme Court. This […]